Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time to share ...

At this time I'm a mostly house-bound (bed-ridden, though I am sitting up right now) semi-invalid. I've been out of work on medical disability since October 2009.

I don't say this for sympathy or any morose reason, just so that my "dear reader" can understand where I'm coming from (and sometimes my choice of books).

Actually, I'm seeing a new doctor on Wed, an immunologist, and I'm going to try to prepare a list of everything I've been diagnosed with thus far (this should be fun). Depending upon my mood; perhaps I'll post it here.

My point in coming on-line to the Book blog today was to share part of a Facebook post that I wrote to another sick friend. We're just getting to know each other, but it was one of those cases where we just clicked right away. FB can be really fun that way.

So here's my ramble, with maybe an edit or two...

Btw, writing a book, a dream of mine. You'll notice a lot of my posts are about books or writing. Let me know if/how I can support you. Or not, for now. Actually, the way I see it in my head is... once I'm well I am accepted into the Fordham University English Lit Grad Program and then go for my PhD. Once completed, I either work for or open my own bookstore and write something about Victorian literature. If it's my own bookstore it would specialize in Victoriana/Travel and Steampunk and how they overlap - as well as new and used and everything in between. (I've been thinking about this a lot, what else can I do all day? Other than read...). Ideally, if it's my own store, it would be somewhere in New England/New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania - in a sweeping Victorian house. The bookstore and anything to go along with it (managed by others) coffee/tea room, soaps/candles, paper/pens, etc., would be on the first floor. My living quarters would be in the rest of the house. The cats, currently four, would have full access.   

This is me last August 2012, while taking an on-line English Lit course from a local community college ...

Back to real time. Still plugging away at Zen Motorcycles, I think I got through a chapter last night. I wish I could just give it up, but I can't, it's just not in my nature (and it's part of my particular brand of OCD that I'm finding revolves exclusively around books).

Enjoy your Sunday.

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